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Bio-Assessment Program Discounts

RealCell Biologics has partnered with the Biosciences Research & Associates, laboratory in Cambridge MA to provide premium access to its Bio-Assessment Program at discounted rates.  This includes unlimited access to the Online Tracking Tool.  This gives RealCell customers the ability to send unlimited samples to the laboratory for quality testing and tracking using the Online Tracking Tool.  This tool is an online tracking platform for biological sample results.  It also includes automatic calculations of yield, concentration and deliverable cells, for quick performance analysis.  This gives piece of mind when conducting quality control assessments. 

This program saves money and hassle.  There is no need to purchase blood analyzers for thousands of dollars where you are only limited to CBC analysis without tracking capabilities.  You are also not bogged down with reagent management and cost of maintenance.  This program is easily implemented and has proven to be a successful and affordable tool for busy practices.

Lab Tests Provided

  1. Platelet count & CBC with 3 part differential
  2. Bone marrow CFU-F for mesenchymal content
  3. Bone marrow CD34+ for hematopoietic stem cell content
  4. Bone marrow and adipose TNC for total nucleated stem cell content
  5. All cell viability assessment
  6. Sterility testing

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GCB Training Courses Discounts

RealCell Biologics investment has extended to the training courses provided by Gulf Coast Biologics.  These training courses are notably the most informative and comprehensive platforms in the industry.  The courses are now conducted in the new training center built from the ground up in 2020.  It includes large training rooms and modern state of the art conference hall that can accommodate up to 100 attendees.  Courses offer CME’s and are streamed and provided online for physicians that are unable to attend.  We provide our customers with a 50% discount for conference registration fees.  This is a significant value to customers looking to maintain CME’s and keep current on innovation and medical advancements.  




                    Platelet Rich Plasma Performance


Bone Marrow Concentrate Performance