Regenerative Therapies

Making all the difference

Regenerative Medicine

Emerging Science

Regenerative medicine is an emerging area of science that holds great promise for treating and even curing a variety of injuries and pathologies. Regenerative medicine includes using adult stem cells derived from bone marrow aspirate and or adipose tissue along with other technologies to repair or replace damaged tissue.

Autologous Biologics

Regenerative medicine therapies use autologous biologics consisting of platelet rich plasma and adult stem cells that are derived from the patient’s own bodily tissues. They illicit a powerful bio-regenerative reparative effect that includes antimicrobial resistance and immunomodulation.  This activity dramatically increases the treatment potential when used in a manner that permits direct interaction with an injury or pathology.  Current estimates indicate that approximately one in three Americans could potentially benefit from regenerative medicine therapies.

Modern Device Technology

Regenerative medicine is modern therapeutic medicine and is highly reliant on medical harvesting, concentrating and procurement devices to sequester the regenerative cell concentrates needed for treatment applications.  These devices have various levels and innovative technology that ultimately define performance potential.  Its paramount that practitioners diligently vet their regenerative devices to ensure that they are delivering the best quality of regenerative product to their patients.