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RealCell Biologics mission is to ensure that our physician’s needs are met when caring for their patients.  We have made a significant investment with EmCyte Corporation, which in turn permits us to better serve our physicians and sales representatives.  Our multifaceted approach consists of continuing education, cost containment, and customer service and we have collaborated with EmCyte to ensure that these are done at the highest level.  Our unique capabilities allow us to create tools that simplifies daily activities, enhances data collection, and provides clinical access.  We provide reliable clinical support and are accessible around the clock. Become a part of the RealCell Biologic Network and enjoy professional and courteous service.  We are committed to meeting your clinical and financial requirements.

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Tamilyn Banno

senior sales representative

I am a best selling author and mentor in personal and leadership development and known for inspirational leadership using The Momentum Model of Leadership Development – teaching good leaders to become great by triggering team momentum,

As a seasoned sales professional, I’ve worked with countless men and women in the direct sales industry. Award winning Regional Director and #1 sales position throughout my career. I’m excited to be in a leadership position once again with RealCell Biologics, a premier distributorship for EmCyte Corporation.  I am able to leverage my vast experience to establish a distribution platform to advocate for physicians and patients alike.  My network of key opinion leaders are committed to working with physicians and institutions to create a culture rich in knowledge, inspiration, and innovation.  This will lead to exemplary evidence-based clinical outcomes, supported by relevant training and understanding of advance regenerative treatments.

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